About Us

We all know that there are many people among us that forgot at least once about birthday of a family member or a friend. Mybdays.com solves this problem. It is simple, convenient and very useful annual reminder service! Our main focus is birthday, but for those more demanding it can be anything annual such as anniversary, saint’s day or special day. You name it. When you start using mybdays.com, you will feel joy and gain peace of mind. You will never forget about birthday of your loved ones again! Remember there is nothing better than a morning-surprise-call or a visit from someone special with birthday greetings. Therefore, our mission is to help you to be reminded about such a moment.

More importantly, you will have a chance to create list of dates of important events of family and friends in a simple way in one place; without relying on many confusing and complicated services. You create your private list; our team makes sure that you are reminded of birthdays of your loved ones. We save you hassle and time and help you gain peace of mind.

In addition, we have realized that there is usually at least one person in a family that keeps track of birthdays of all special people. No matter what the form is, it is always time and energy consuming. Would not it be nice to create such a list in a simple way and share it with those people who struggle or have not time to keep track of it? This is the right place for you. With our service you can create a list of birthdays, share them with chosen people, write gift ideas, choose a type of gift etc.

We are proud of sharing this service with anyone and will welcome everyone!